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About Motor Vahan

MotorVahan is the ultimate workstation across the country which provides its buyers and sellers a well maintained platform for dealing in new and used vehicles in Delhi. If you are looking for a place that provide best used cars and good condition vehicles with GPS tracking devices then Motor Vahan is the place to be. From its beginning in 2010, motor Vahan has expanded its outreach to more than 4000 dealers all across India and the positive results of this whole process are that over 4 million different clients visit our site motorvahan.com in a month and get the best of its services in used vehicles, used cars, GPS Tracking devices and insurance services. Basically motorvahan.com defines its business in two divisions: first is motorvahan.com, the portal that let its user to visit the site and buy or sell well maintained used or new cars. The second is MotorVahan exchange our dealer portal that helps in managing business operations.

MotorVahan.com’s unique features include its services and world class technology such as GPS tracking device, resale of used cars and vehicles. The other features of vehicles at motorvahan are information of used car’s prices, certified used cars, economic prices and expert guidance that helps the user to select among the most suitable vehicles at most affordable prices.

Our additional services include detailed information about automobile industry and latest automotive news. Our expertise views and product reviews of latest models launching in the market helps buyers choose the best of all.

With Motor Vahan’s continuous and sincere efforts for everyone either the seller or buyer or anyone who willingly want to know more about automotives in India provides unmatchable guidance. So it won’t matter either you are first timer, a regular site user, an auto lover, someone who is looking for jobs or any journalist looking for our story, we wish you all the best for achieving your goals with MotorVahan.

Investors and shareholders :-

Our founder Deepak Jindal came up with Motorvahan in the year 2009. Our investors include March Capital and Epiphany ventures that deals in used cars and used vehicles.