About Us

About Motor Vahan

MotorVahan  is one of India's leading online auto marketplace providing buyers and sellers a structured platform for transacting in new and used vehicles. Since its inception in 2010, we have expanded our offerings across India with a strong network of more than 4000 dealers. Currently, over 4 million unique consumers visit MotorVahan  .com every month and avail of its features. MotorVahan  .com's business can be divided into two parts: MotorVahan  .com, the consumer portal where the users can visit to buy and sell used/new cars and MotorVahan  Exchange, the dealer portal which helps them manage their business operations.

What makes MotorVahan  .com unique are its offerings and world class technology. Some of the unique features include used car price information, certified used cars, on road dealer prices and expert reviews that empower our buyers and sellers to choose the most suitable vehicles at the most affordable prices. Additionally, we also provide information related to the automobile industry and the latest automotive news. Our expert views and reviews of exciting upcoming models in the market guide and help buyers choose the best option.

We're proud of our sincere and continuous efforts, both for car buyers, sellers and the other people who want to know more about the automotive industry in India. So whether you're a first-time visitor, a frequent site user, an avid auto enthusiast, a job seeker or a journalist working on a story, we hope you'll find what you're looking for.

Investors and shareholders

MotorVahan  was founded byDeepak Jindel  in 2009. Existing investors include, March Capital and Epiphany ventures.

About Motor Vahan

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