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About Us:

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Advertising with Motor Vahan can present the supporting aid for both the parties that are owner and seller. Our company deals in three major assets such as: Selling of old cars, conducting the vehicle insurance and helping customers in tracking the vehicle with the support of GPS system.

Main aim of introducing Motor Vahan is to present the online platform to the customers so that they can advertise their vehicle on our portal. This support the customers with online advertising that is affordable and can reach maximum number of people at very limited time. Advancement in the technology had leaded this industry to grow faster and create opportunities for both buyer and seller.

Our Mission:

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The company Motor Vahan is established with a mission of providing the common online platform to both the parties that is seller and buyer. This common platform will help them to target the wider mass in very short time. The services provided by us are available at very genuine rates. It aims at providing the services to its best to their customers.It offers the seller to target the wider audience and in no time the vehicle could be sold. On the other hand, the buyer is given with multiple options to choose from and more reliable option that suits to their requirement and budget can be selected. Both the parties are given equal opportunities and benefits to make choices as per their defined constraints. .

Our Business Staragy:

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Motor Vahan Company had taken an initiative of introducing the online platform to the buyers and sellers who have interest in dealing with vehicles. Due to growing digitisation in every field, this industry has also grown up today by providing the online provision to its customers. Our Strategy is very simple and clear to provide our audience the opportunity of reaching the mass at very affordable prices. This helps in cutting of the middle man charges or extra commissions to be paid for selling the vehicle. The end user at the other side is given the multiple options and only the best suited vehicle is purchased.This saves time of both the parties and satisfaction at both ends is realized.

Advertising Form

Benifit of Advertisement

This online platform can help seller to reach the wider mass in very short time.

It is a best example of doing the business deals by just sitting at home and within some clicks the deal could be made.

The demands of customer are fulfilled and are as per the requirements of the customer.

The service offered by Motor Vahan isaffordable and create equal opportunities for both the parties.

Helpful in generating more employment opportunities

We bring potential consumers to the place

We bring potential consumers to the place

We support the salesmanship

Our main target is to educate the consumers

Way For advertising:

Broadcast advertising:cable tv and radio

Print advertising: magazine and newspaper

Direct mail and email campaigns

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising: billboards, bus shelters, transit posters, cinema, shopping malls

Interactive advertising.ss

payment option: