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GPS Tracking Device

A powerful and easier access to Vehicle:

At motorvahan we bring to you the best GPS tracking technologies based vehicles that let you track location using various appliances such as Wi-Fi, GPS or any cellular device. If you are looking for GPS based vehicles motorvahan is the ultimate Hub for you that will provide you best GPS tracking device. The vehicle’s location is tracked in a predefined technical way and easily gets stored in a secured server database. Accessing and keeping an eye over your vehicle is as easy as chatting with a friend you can simply log into our Website i.e. https://www.MotorVahan.com and track your vehicle’s location through our GPS tracking system the most accurate GPS tracking device in India. Visiting Motorvahan is free of any charges and allows you to check the location through GPS tracker on any of your gadget.

GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Personal Tracker- Wireless

Child tracking systems and personalized GPS system from SuperSafe is categorized as the innovative invention for the coming years. How fascinating it is to always being aware of your child or any loved one by our personalized tracking system, the best tracking system in Delhi..

Universal Tracker

Our GPS vehicle tracking device’s Tracker enables its processing with all models and devices. A long range of 3D models can be accessed on the same tracker by us. This automatic Tracker connects with your assigned device through the App.

Magnetic Tracker- Wireless

In GPS tracking System the magnetic Vehicle tracker will automatically send text to your device informing you the location coordinates, and a Google Maps live link that would be favorable if you are using a internet based phone.

GPS Tracker Features


GPS Tracking Device can track anyone’s location anytime anywhere. We can track the route to anywhere or can track lost vehicle or person by it.


motorvahan facilitates us with a GPS Tracker which has a built battery backup of up to 6 hours.


We can keep a record of the Data History of two months .we can perceive two months history track by the vehicle.


The GPS tracking system also enables us to keep a check of the daily distance traveled by the vehicle. We can easily spot the distance covered by the vehicle from the Motor Vahan App.


we can playback any route from any day to see the initial point or destination of the vehicle or the exact route which the vehicle has followed.


We also provides you the GPS Tracking Device in small sizes. Small Size GPS are very popular in market. So that it can be easily placed at any feasible spots.


It gives us the facility to interrupt power or fuel supply of the vehicle by the phone anytime from no matter how far you are from the vehicle..


The Motorvahan's GPS Tracking System also alerts us time to time about the over speeding, geofence or by any chance if the device shuts down.


In the case of any kind of emergency the App generates SOS messages and notifies your loved ones about the situation so that the one who cares about you can comfort you as soon as possible.

All across India if you are in search of a GPS vehicle tracker that have all the unique yet essential feature and categorized as the best GPS vehicle tracking device in Delhi-NCR/India then log on to our motorvahan.com and book yourself the vehicle you like from our never ending list.