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Now Get Vehicle Tracking Deveice Online

Motor Vahan provides GPS Tracking device for tracking location of an any kind of device such as GPS , WiFi , or Cellular . Installing the App to a device that you want to track , it silently records their locations ( GPS , WiFi , or Cellular ) systematically and uploads to a protected server . To monitor position of your tracked device , you simply open our website ( http ://www .MotorVahan .com ) in any web browser .This website is free of charge for anyone to use , for business or even pleasure . If you need to track some thing simply use our gps tracking device , such as an iPad , iPhone , infact any type of gadget or smart mobile phone which includes Android . With the device simply go to the our website and also click 'track me now' , this will allow the gps on the device also it will quickly get started sending it's coordinates to the web-site . Anyone visiting the web site , including your self , will find the exact position of the device in realtime .


Our Gps Trackers

Wireless Personal Tracker

Personal GPS and child tracking system from SuperSafe is one of the innovations for the future. Imagine being aware of your child or your dear ones tracked by using our personal tracking system..

Universal Tracker

The universal tracker works with all your models. All 3D models in Augment can be displayed on the same tracker. When scanned by the app, your model attaches to tracker automatically.

Wireless Magnetic Tracker

Material Our Magnetic Vehicle Tracking Device will text you with its location coordinates, and a live link to Google Maps which is great if you have an internet phone (iPhone etc).

Pocket Finder Key Features

Location Technology

Accurate locates using all three location technologies & Google Premier Mapping!


PocketFinder Vehicle location updated every 60 seconds. PocketFinder+ default interval 2 minutes & as quick as 10 seconds.


Easily create an unlimited number of zones with enter and exit notification to multiple users.

Low Battery Alert

Power Cut notification for Vehicle Trackers and set your own battery level notification for PocketFinder+.

Speed Alerts

Be alerted when PocketFinder Vehicle exceeds the speed limit you have set. Over the air update for PocketFinder+ when this feature becomes available.

S.O.S Signal

Your loved ones can send an S.O.S signal by pressing the PocketFinder+ SOS button.