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Our privacy policies illustrate that how our company namely Motor Vahan actually works. Our company deals in three major domains such as:
• Selling used vehicles
• Performing vehicle Insurance
• Providing GPS tracking device for vehicles

About Motor Vahan

MotorVahan is one of India's leading online auto marketplace providing buyers and sellers a structured platform for transacting in new and used vehicles. Join Us On
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Our Policy's

The company provide the platform by acting mediator between the two parties such as buyer and seller. The company takes a privilege in introducing the two parties. Policies to be kept in mind while using the Motor Vahan platform:

• Company is not responsible for paying any breakage charges.
• Vehicle details are responsibility of the owner and are given with the owner consent itself.
• Company is mediator and hence is only responsible for introducing the two parties by presenting them common platform.
• Delhi jurisdiction is responsible for handling and resolving any legal formalities come across the dealing.

Our Term & Condition's

Our growing company known as Motor Vahan nowhere is responsible for any breakage or any loose part found missed in a car. The company is just offering an interface where seller and the end user can communicate and successfully make the dealing to a great success. The end user on its own part had to conduct the inspection of the car and its condition. All the legal formalities related to vehicle are to be done by the Delhi Jurisdiction. Vehicle condition and its overall structure areto be inspected by the end user on its own. The decision of buying the car is totally depend upon the end user. The company has no cards to play with it.

Company is just acting a mediator between the two parts rest all parts are done with the consent of both seller and end user. Our company offers very clean and positive environment to its employees. In order to provide the safe and healthy environment to its employees, the company undergo the regular checkups and the entire mandatory medical facility is given to each employee. The company aims at serving the best of service to its customers and attaining their satisfaction is the ultimate goal.